Low Poly Rocks Pack

Huge Low Poly Rocks Pack for Unity Asset Store.

Almost every outdoor scene should have rocks to look more natural. And this package contains a huge variety of different rocks ready to use for your game levels. Just drag and drop prefabs to your scene and achieve beautiful results in no time. PC & mobile friendly.


367 unique low poly Rock prefabs:

  • 47 Round Rocks
  • 47 Flat Rocks
  • 54 Sharp Rocks
  • 70 Square Rocks
  • 39 Block Rocks
  • 37 Tiles
  • 25 Bricks
  • 30 Crystals
  • 4 Rock Arches
  • 7 Rock Walls
  • 7 Stonehenge Rocks
Low Poly Rocks Pack

-All Rock prefabs have very low poly mesh Colliders attached.

-All Rock prefabs use single Albedo 256×256 Texture Atlas and 1 Material.

-Crystals use 1 material without any textures, so you can change colors very easy.

Low Poly Rocks Pack

Also, you get 32 Bonus prefabs:

  • 19 Tailable Ground planes
  • 8 Mountains
  • 1 Pyramid
  • 3 Clouds
  • 1 Fireplace
  • 1 Fire particles

-All Bonus Prefabs has Colliders attached except Clouds and Fire particles.


-Small Rocks vary from 8 to 64 tris per object.

-Medium Rocks vary from 12 to 100 per object – to 150 tris for cracked rocks.

-Large Rocks vary from 32 to 400 tris per object (like blocky rocks wall).


-Mountains vary from 430 to 1500 tris per object.

-All Small Ground planes (50×50 meters size) has 968 tris per object.

-All Medium Ground planes (100×100 meters size)  has 3872 tris per object.

Low Poly Rocks Pack


Package also includes:

  • .PSD Texture Atlas 1024×1024 file (Easy to change colors).
  • Documentation (MUST READ!).
  • All 6 Demo scenes as you can see on the pictures are included + 2 Scenes to show off all assets.
All Demo scenes with image effects turned off was tested on Xperia Z Ultra and it runs smoothly at solid 60fps.
*music and sounds are not included!