• Amos Laber

    Thanks for the great tutorial!

    Can you update that to use the 5.6 lighting panel and the new post processing stack?

    • Thank you!
      If you follow this tutorial step by step, I think it would be easy for you to do the same in Unity 5.6. Everything is basically the same in a different way. Some Lighting settings just changed names and position. For example, instead of using “Precomputed Realtime GI” in Unity 5.6 they renamed it to “Realtime Lighting” And new post-processing stack is basically the same thing as an old Post-processing effects πŸ™‚

      You can find all info on how to use New Post-processing Stack in Unity 5.6


    Hello Justinas. Can you kindly let us know that how much performance efficient it is ?
    It is certainly not suitable for mobile platforms right ???

    • This lighting method works best for PC. For mobile those default Unity post-processing camera effects cost way too much performance.