My name is Justinas Telksnys, I’m 23 years old and live in Utena, Lithuania.

I ‘m passionate about CG stuff and particularly enjoy modeling cars. Also, enjoy modeling & texturing environments and props for video games.

My biggest goal is to inspire people to do Awesome work with CG.

-To be Inspired is Great, to Inspire is Incredible!


When I was a kid I loved to draw and play video games. I always was so interested, how video games are made, how people make that 3D stuff.

In 2008 when I was 14 years old, first time I saw Blender in the CD of a magazine about computers, there were some useful programs, Blender also was there. And I saw this image of Shelby Cobra modeled in Blender.

I was amazed by the fact that you can make that stuff using this software.

So I was digging into 3D stuff because I wanted to make my own 3D car model, so, bad. First time using Blender I didn’t knew what I was doing, my modeling skills was the worst. I was struggling so much using Blender.

After two years of learning Blender, watching tutorials by Andrew Price, and other artists on Youtube in my free time, I was able to make my own, 3D car model. In 2010 when I was 16 years old, I made my first 3D car model of Nissan 180sx:

My very first car model.

Yeah, maybe the worst 3D model and renders you have ever seen.. But with this one I had learned a lot.

I wasn’t happy with these results. So I decided to model my brother car. The same year in 2010 I had made VW Golf 3 model.

Yeah, for me this one was amazing at that time and it was a big improvement, from the last one.

Instead of doing stuff with Blender I also liked to do some fun videos of video games. So for some time, I didn’t even turn on Blender. Just played video games, recorded it, made some videos and posted to Youtube.

At that time I didn’t know what should I do with my life in the future, struggled to find my real passion. I liked to make videos, 3D stuff and draw sometimes, most of the time I make videos of GTA IV.

So after a long break, I went back to Blender, although I had struggled a lot when modeling cars, I loved that. In 2014 when I was 19 years old, I had made Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 3D model:

At this time I was a student of Information Systems Technology.

 The same year in 2014 when I was 20 years old I had made another car model of my brother, Seat Leon.

 I did a lot of tests renders for this one, to better understand how Cycles in Blender works. This is just a couple of my test renders:

And guess what, I had a break from Blender again.

Being a student, I had learned programming basics using Java, C++, HTML, and JavaScript. Also, I had created more videos of me playing video games.

I like video games, and most of all, to know, how it’s made. So doing research how to make video games, I find out about Unity. I started to do some stuff with it and learned to program with C# to make simple games.

As you can tell I was struggling to choose my path, I tried everything. But in 2015 when I was 21 years old, I just get shot in the head that I want to do CG stuff for video games, to make game assets and environments. I realized, that playing video games I spend a lot of time just looking at amazing 3D models, environments and trying to figure out, how it was made.

At this time I looked to my future very seriously and did a lot of research on how to make Game Assets. So I started to learn how to make them. At this time I had a lot of experience in modeling, hard surface models, so I took some Digital-Tutors online courses (now it’s called Pluralsight) and did some sculpting, UVmapping, texturing, drawing with a graphics tablet and improved my modeling skills. Learned a lot about colors, composition, game optimization, lighting, and more. Everything to build better skills to be a game artist.

In 2015 I had learned so much, that it’s scary to me.

In 2016 I decided to create some game asset projects, and one of them was Shelby GT350R model. That was my first car model for the video game engine:

My First Car Game Asset in Unity 5 Game Engine. Modeled in Blender and Textured in Quixel Suite 2.0

Also, I did some renders of this car in Blender, and Post-Processing using Photoshop CC:

I made only 5 car models in my entire life so far and achieved those results. Doing every single project, I improved a lot and learned so much!

By following my real passion on making Game Assets, in 2016 August 2nd I’m very successfully released my first game asset pack “Low Poly Rocks Pack” for Unity Asset Store.

I had released a few more asset packs now and I will definitely release more awesome stuff in the future!

I did some commission work for other people too. One of them is this Render for a low poly style – car game cover:

Also, I had created some low poly car models. This was my first Low Poly style car model – VW Golf 7 GTI:

NOW I work from home and create Game Assets. I sell them on Unity Asset Store and do it for a living smile

Working from home was my main Goal and by following my real passion I achieved it!


I had created so much Awesome stuff and I will create so much more because I love what I’m doing. And by doing it I want to Inspire other people to do Awesome stuff, to do what they Love.

 -To be Inspired is great, to Inspire is incredible!

 I hope that my story is inspiring in some way, and it will encourage you to find your real passion wink

  -Just do what you love and never quit!


In 2016 – Successfully graduated Information Systems Technology degree.

I’m Passionate Game Artist creating Game Assets for Unity Asset Store. I do it for a living from my home which still sounds crazy to me!

I’m running LMHPoly – a website where I share Awesome stuff like Game Assets, CG Tutorials, Tips and Tricks, and more. I want to Teach and Inspire people to do Amazing stuff!

When I’m not creating game assets or other stuff for my business, I  spend a lot of time just by learning something (watching videos, video courses, reading books, articles, etc). Every day I do something to improve my life, to be The Best version of myself! Working out, learning, practicing, working, etc.

Sometimes I like to play some video games on the weekends, but most of the time I spend with my family and friends. I like just to get off from my PC and all social media to just rest my mind and chill.

I’m obsessed with motorcycles! At Summer most of my free time I spend by going on adventures with my enduro bike. I like that feeling of motorcycles – feels like freedom smile

Thanks for your time, I really appreciate that! And remember:

to be Inspired is Great, to Inspire is Incredible!

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