In this video tutorial series for beginners, you will learn step by step how to create Low Poly GAME ASSET ready to use in your Unity game project.


  • Create Low Poly Barrel model
  • Unwrap Low Poly Barrel model
  • Create Texture for Low Poly Barrel model
  • Prepare and Export Low Poly Barrel game asset
  • Create Very Low Poly Mesh Collider for a Barrel (this will be used inside Unity 5 for physics)
  • Import everything to Unity and create Game Ready Prefab (GAME ASSET)


  • Blender 2.78a
  • Photoshop CC 2017 (you can use any FREE 2d drawing software like Gimp or Krita)
  • Unity


Low Poly Modeling in Blender (PART 2/6)


In this video tutorial, we will create Low Poly Barrel Game Asset Model using Blender.

Before you start modeling Search for Barrel images on Google. And use them as a reference when modeling your Low Poly Barrel.

downloads: Press on image down below to download it.


UV Mapping in Blender (PART 3/6)


In this video tutorial, we will Unwrap Low Poly Barrel Game Asset Model using Blender.

UV mapping is the 3D modeling process of projecting a 2D image to a 3D model’s surface for texture mapping.

What is UV Seam?

Imagine a paper 3D cube like this:


Now cut it with scissors like that (Red edges are cuts / UV Seams in Blender):


After you cut it you should have paper looking like this (3D cube UV map in Blender):


Now you can use this 2D UV Map to paint a Texture for a cube. So UV Seam is basically cut.


Texturing in Photoshop (PART 4-6)


In this video tutorial, we will Texture Low Poly Barrel Game Asset Model using Photoshop and Blender.

You can make a texture using any FREE 2D image manipulation software like Gimp or Krita


Preparing and Exporting Game Asset (PART 5/6)


In this video tutorial, we will Prepare and Export our Low Poly Barrel Game Asset using Blender for Unity Game Engine. Also, we will create Very Low Poly Mesh Collider for Barrel to use inside Unity for physics.

We export Low Poly Barrel model as .OBJ file because we only need a 3D mesh, and this model has no animation on it so .OBJ format is the best for it. Also, .OBJ file size is smaller compared to .FBX format. If you want to export mesh which has animation or more than 1 material attached to it, then you need to export as .FBX file.

OBJ Export settings:

-I always use these settings to export any 3D model without animation. You can save these settings by pressing ‘+ which is near “Operator Presets” and name whatever you want. So next time you export your 3d mesh as OBJ, just select your saved settings (every time you relaunch Blender you need to choose your saved setting by clicking “Operator Presets”  and selecting your settings).

Exporting the Textures: Unity recommends to use .png image file format for textures. So I always export my textures as a .png image.


Importing Blender Game Asset to Unity 5 (PART 6-6)


In this video tutorial, we will Import Low Poly Barrel Game Asset Model to Unity and do simple lighting.

It’s not important to create folders as I show in this video. But I highly recommend doing so, to make everything consistent and easier to find in the feature.


Thank you for your time, and I hope that this short tutorial series helped you a bit.

Feel free to ask for anything, and leave your feedback in the comments below!

Also, please share your work in the comments below! I want to see your results 🙂

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