Works On Unity 5.3 And Up

Huge Low Poly Rocks Pack for Unity Asset Store

Almost every outdoor scene should have rocks to look more natural. And this package contains a huge variety of different rocks ready to use for your game levels. Just drag and drop prefabs to your scene and achieve beautiful results in no time. PC & mobile friendly.

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  • Added the same Rock prefabs with a Snow! They come in 2 Colors – base and the second one by default is snow, you can change it to whatever color you want, sand, moss, etc. (It uses the same 1 material and texture).
  • Extended Rock bottoms below the ground for all Rocks with hallow bottoms (now you can easily place Rocks on uneven ground/mountains).
  • New Demo_07 scene added.
  • Added 1 Water prefab for a new Demo_07 scene (from Low Poly Modular Terrain Pack).
  • Added 1 Island prefab for a new Demo_07 scene (from Low Poly Modular Terrain Pack).
  • Folder organization changed very slightly because Rock prefabs now come in 2 types (1 Color and 2 Color with a snow on the top).
  • Updated Documentation


  • All Assets were reexported in .FBX format instead of .OBJ (now Prefabs doesn’t have child objects attached – easier to use).
  • Demo Scenes Recreated.
  • Now there are 2 types of Prefabs: with Mesh and Box Colliders. Prefabs with box colliders are compatible inside Terrain Editor.
  • Renamed Camera, Sun, and Clouds control scripts. So now when you import this package to other of my packages you don’t have an error that you have scripts with the same name.
  • Now Demo Scenes are fully setup and compatible with Unity 5.6 and up using Post Processing Stack image effects.
  • Lightmap Support (Realtime GI and Baked GI).
  • Updated Documentation.
  • Included License PDF file (Default Asset Store License).
  • Other few fixes for Rock Assets.
  • Some folder names and locations were changed, plus new folders added to make everything easier to find and use.


If you are using the older Low Poly Rocks Pack version – Backup your project before updating to the new Low Poly Rocks Pack v1.2!

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND importing Low Poly Rocks Pack v1.2 to a New Project (a project which doesn’t have Low Poly Rocks Pack v1.0 imported)!

367 unique Low Poly Rock Prefabs:

  • 47 Round Rocks
  • 47 Flat Rocks
  • 54 Sharp Rocks
  • 70 Square Rocks
  • 39 Block Rocks
  • 37 Tiles
  • 25 Bricks
  • 30 Crystals
  • 4 Rock Arches
  • 7 Rock Walls
  • 7 Stonehenge Rocks

+367 the same Rock Prefabs with a Snow!

-All Rock prefabs have Colliders attached. There are 2 types of Prefabs: with Mesh and Box Colliders. Prefabs with box colliders are compatible inside Terrain Editor and they are better in performance.

-All Rock prefabs use single Albedo 256x256 Texture Atlas and 1 Material.

-Crystals use 1 material without any textures, so you can change colors very easy.



Now you get 2 types of Rocks:

  • 1 Color – default Rocks, one color per rock
  • 2 Color – 2 colors per rock. The first color is a base rock color, the second color is a snow by default, you can change it to any color like sand, moss, etc.


Also, you get 36 Bonus prefabs:

-All Bonus Prefabs has Colliders attached except Clouds, Water, and Fire particles.


-Small Rocks vary from 8 to 64 tris per object.

-Medium Rocks vary from 12 to 100 per object – to 150 tris for cracked rocks.

-Large Rocks vary from 32 to 400 tris per object (like blocky rocks wall).


-Mountains vary from 430 to 1500 tris per object.

-All Small Ground planes (50x50 meters size) has 968 tris per object.

-All Medium Ground planes (100x100 meters size) has 3872 tris per object.


The Package also includes:

  • .PSD Texture Atlas 1024x1024 file (Easy to change colors).
  • Documentation (MUST READ!).
  • License (MUST READ!).
  • 7 Demo scenes as you can see in the pictures are included + 2 Scenes to show off all assets.

All Demo scenes with image effects turned off was tested on Xperia Z Ultra and it runs smoothly at solid 60fps.

*Music and sounds are not included!

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