First of all, I want to say Happy New Year Everyone! I hope that 2016 was great and if not, I guarantee that 2017 will be the best year!

For me, 2016 was one of the most depressing and the best year at the same time. I achieved and learned so much. There were good and bad days, but overall I accomplished so much. My dreams come true and now I can’t be happier as I’m right now.

So back in 2016 I created LMHPoly as my brand and launched my website

I made a @lmhpoly Twitter account and my first post on Twitter was in 2016 August 10:

At this time I had 0 followers. I get 9 retweets and 20 likes from this post, that was so awesome for me at that time 🙂 I tweeted almost every day, what I’m working on and some other stuff like paintings. By the end of 2016, I reached 208 followers on my twitter account. So I want to say thank you, everyone, for following me!

I also created LMHPoly YouTube channel. The first video I uploaded in 2016 August 22. And 12 videos uploaded in total, gained 39 Subscribers and 3000+ Views in 2016. Nice to see that people actually subscribing to me, I really appreciate that 🙂

I made a lmhpoly_home Instagram account. My first post posted in 2016 August 29 got 15 Likes:

By the end of 2016, I reached 31 Followers on Instagram, maybe it looks not so much, but for me, that is a lot of people, so thanks 🙂

In 2016 I learned so much new stuff by watching video courses on Pluralsight, Udemy, YouTube and other websites. I read a lot of magazines and books about CG stuff like game development, optimization, asset creation and so much more.

I challenged myself to learn to paint by using tablet and Photoshop. That was a lot of fun. Here is one of the best drawings I did:

After that, I challenged myself to learn to paint in the traditional way using pencil and paper. I did Draw 100 Faces Challenge, I learned a lot. Here is one of the best drawings I did:

2016 September 2 was one of the most life-changing moments of my life. I released my first “Low Poly Rocks Pack” game assets on Unity Asset Store:

That was very successful launch. After 2 months in 2016 October 1 I was featured on Unity Asset Store main page:

At this point I started making game asset for a living, that was my Main Goal of 2016 and I Achieved it! I’m so proud of myself 🙂

After that I launched “Low Poly Trees Pack” in 2016 November 9:

And now I’m working on “Low Poly Vegetation Pack” which I’m planning to release in 2017 January.

2016 December 20 I launched video tutorial series for beginners “LOW POLY GAME ASSET TUTORIAL“:

In 2016 I made my 5th car model 2015 Shelby GT350R I’m very proud of the result 🙂

Also did some cool stuff for other people, one of them was my first Low Poly Car model VW Golf GTI 7:

I’m very happy for everything that happened in 2016. That was the hell of a good ride and I hope that in 2017 we guys will achieve much more amazing stuff.

And remember guys -“When you know what you want, and want it bad enough, you will find a way to get it.” Never stop climbing the stairs step by step to your goal.

Thank you for reading this and I hope that 2017 will be the best year for you! 🙂

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