Unity Keyboard Shortcuts


I want to share my top Unity keyboard shortcuts I use the most. They really help me to work much faster and more efficient. I hope you will find them useful in your workflow too 😉


1. Transform Tools

Keys on the keyboard are in the same order as those tools in Unity UI.

Q – Pan
W – Move
E – Rotate
R – Scale
T – Rect Tool

If you need to palace a lot or objects by hand, scale, rotate or move, these shortcuts can speed up the workflow drastically!


2. Frame (Center) Selection

Select any GameObject in your Scene / Hierarchy and press F to zoom the scene view to selected GameObject.

This is very useful if you can’t see your selected GameObject and want to find it in your Scene or just zoom very fast to any GameObject.


3. Maximize/Minimize Window

Hover your mouse on any Window and press SHIFT+SPACE to Maximize / Minimize it.

Very useful if you want to navigate through your scene or assets in full screen.


4. Zoom in/Zoom out the Scene View Smoothly

Hold ALT+RMB and move your mouse to Zoom in / Zoom Out the scene camera smoothly.


5. Align With View

Select the Camera and in the Scene view press CTRL+SHIFT+F to Align the Camera to View.

This is one of the best and easiest ways to set camera position you want.


6. Snap to the Grid

Hold CTRL to Snap your GameObject to the grid.

You can change Snap Settings inside Edit > Snap Settings… to snap by 0.5, 10 or any other units.

Very useful for modular assets.


7. Vertex Snap

Select the asset and by Holding V press and hold LMB on any Vertex. Then move the mouse to snap to another asset vertex.

This is one of the best shortcuts to use while using Modular assets.


8. Enter/Exit Play mode

Press CTRL+P to Enter / Exit Play mode.

This could be very useful if you want to quickly jump from Play to non-Play modes without using your mouse.


Here you can find all Unity Hotkeys!

The scene used in preview GIFs is from my Low Poly Rocks Pack.


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