In this video tutorial, I will show you how to create and light a simple scene in Unity 2017. This can be applied not only for PC/MAC but also for mobile devices.



  • To create very simple scene in Unity
  • To use Emission lights
  • Basics of Baked Global Illumination
  • Some useful keyboard shortcuts



Unity 2017.1.0



Box.fbx – Download it and start watching the video tutorial! (it’s a simple box mesh which has 1 UVMap. We will generate Lightmap UVs inside Unity and  to do that mesh must have 1 UVMap already)

Finished Unity Scene – You can download finished result of this tutorial. But I want you to watch the tutorial first, and follow my steps to create/light this scene by yourself. This way you can really learn something!


Thank you for your time, I hope this video tutorial taught you the basics of how to use Unity Baked Global Illumination to light your scenes 🙂


Feel free to ask me some questions! If you create something awesome using this tutorial, please share it down below in the comments section!


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