In this video tutorial, I will show you how I setup Lighting and Post Processing in Unity 2017 for my Low Poly Demo Scenes.

This video is not about teaching you everything about lighting and post-processing, but showing you how I achieve these results, and to help you to achieve them too. So, I hope it will improve your lighting and Post-Processing skills in Unity 🙂



  • Unity 2017.3



  • How to play with a simple lighting settings (Linear color space, Directional Light, Skybox, Ambient color) to achieve different results.
  • How to setup Post-Processing image effects to change the mood of your scene, change overall colors, add AO, DOF, Bloom, etc – make your scene really pop.
  • How to add the Fog.
  • How to setup and use a very basic Real-time Global Illumination (GI).






Check out how I made this Low Poly Pine Forest scene in Unity!


If you want to optimize your scene – check out this video tutorial about Lightmap Baking! Learn how to Light your scene using Baked Global Illumination.


Thank you for your time, I hope this video tutorial taught you something about my Low Poly Scenes Lighting and Post-Processing pipeline 🙂


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