In this video tutorial, I will show you step by step How to Create LOD Meshes in Blender and Setup LOD System in Unity 5.6.



  • Create LODs in Blender
  • Export LODs
  • Import and Setup LOD in Unity 5


  • Blender 2.78c
  • Unity 5.6

DOWNLOADS: Jeep Wheel Game Asset


If you create a set of meshes with names ending in _LOD0, _LOD1, _LOD2, etc, for as many LOD levels as you like, a LOD group for the object with appropriate settings will be created for you automatically on import. For example, if the base name for your mesh is Player, you could create files called Player_LOD0, Player_LOD1 and Player_LOD2 to generate an object with three LOD levels. The numbering convention assumes that LOD 0 is the most detailed model and increasing numbers correspond to decreasing detail. More info about Level Of Detail (LOD). More about LOD Groups.

LOD Fade

You can enable LOD Fade by selecting your GameObject with all LODs and inside LOD Group set Fade Mode to Cross Fade, and enable Animated Cross-fading.

You can achieve much better fade effect by using this Shader: CrossFadingLOD After you download – Inside you will find a folder called Assets, open it and extract 2 files:

  • CrossFadingLodDither.mat
  • CrossFadingLodDither.shader

Put them to your Unity 5 project and change all LODs (_LOD0, LOD1…) Material to CrossFadingLOD (Dither)

Now you should have very nice fade mode!


Also, there are other ways to create LOD Meshes in Unity 5 a faster and much simpler way by using one of these Assets from Unity Asset Store:

  • The most powerful tool to generate LOD Meshes inside Unity 5: Automatic LOD
  • Another great tool to generate LOD Meshes inside Unity 5: Simple LOD


Thank you for your time, and I hope that you have learned something from this video tutorial! 🙂 Also, check out my other tutorials on my website, maybe you can find something useful for yourself!

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